3Hr Surprise Tour Paris

"Your holidays, your stay, your taste. So we give you Your Tour in Paris!"

Do you ever wonder why you do exactly the same as a lot of people visiting our beautiful city? You are not sheep! This is your holiday, your city trip, your money and therefore we believe you deserve Your Tour. Designed for you, crafted almost on the spot, based upon your interests and character. Yes, this tour is for the adventurers. For the ones who like to surprise themselves. For those travellers who believe faith can take you by the hand and show you all the beautiful parts of the capital of Europe.

After booking this tour, we will send you three questions that will help us to design the best possible tour (what’s your purpose of stay, are you a foodie / arty / walker / history-lover / dancer?). From there we design a 3 Hour tour that will warm your heart(s). We assure you we will take you to the Paris you’ll love.

Sites visited

Since we’ve been walking through Paris, we know some many beautiful spots, it is too much to mention. We do know that with everything the city of light has to offer, we can design you a tour you will absolutely enjoy and remember forever!

At least part of the 3Hr Surprise Tour is:

  • * One famous sight seeing spot
  • * (A part of) The Seine
  • * A drink and bite in a local bar


Where is the meeting point?

  • * Depends on the place where we start (and the place where you stay)
  • * Look for our guide dressed in white City Spirits shirts or holding City Spirits white umbrellas.
3Hr Surprise Tour