After traveling and living in several metropoles like Buenos Aires and New York City, Ricardo moved to Paris five years ago. He was immediately intrigued by the Parisian lifestyle, customs, cuisine and architecture. His fascination for the city has kept on growing with time since. Tour guiding came to him very naturally and so he began his journey in this new life style. Ricardo has experience giving tour in Paris by foot, biking, on a segway, on a bus and even on the famous boat cruises of the Seine river. Ricardo loves the city and wants to share his knowledge and adventures with you.

“Tour with me... If you want to live” ;-) - Ricardo


Before coming to Paris, Matthias lived in Berlin for more than 15 years. In his old city he enjoyed showing family, friends or even friends of friends round all the places of interests . In his mind he thought that Berlin would always be his city, until he found new love and that brought him to Paris. After settling in, he accepted Paris with no regrets. Even after three years, Matthias is still fascinated by Paris. He enjoys strolling down the narrow cobbled streets with a group or even by himself. In Paris he decided to turn his old hobby and passion into a professional career - where better than in the most beautiful city in the world? Filled with knowledge and enthusiasm Matthias will lead you to enjoy the city on a deeper level.

“Tour is tour and schnaps is schnaps” :-) - Matthias


A short visit turned to be a life changing experience for Kinga, as she fell in love with Paris suddenly and unexpectedly! The charm of Montmartre got her to move from London to the city of lights. She adores sharing all the stories and places that still keep her under a magical spell. In her spare time she loves dancing Argentine tango, enjoy a glass of good French red wine or discover new fine dining. Her passion for French art and history will make your visit one to remember.


Since first moving to Paris five and a half years ago, Ivan has enjoyed helping people to discover the hidden secrets this beautiful city has to offer. With years of tour guiding experience under his belt, both in France and his native Holland, he is enthusiastic about making your trip fun and memorable while also sharing insider knowledge about the French capital you won't find in the textbooks! Ivan is fascinated by French history - the subject of his studies - but also loves people and likes nothing more than making sure everyone is having a great time.


Builded the website for City Spirits. Builds communities online. Knows his way on the web. Is online marketeer. Is smart and funny. Is precise and works best with to do lists. He probably has an to do list for his groceries too. And we think that's cool. If you are ever looking for someone who can help you build your digital home, helps you to connect to your costumers: just send him an email. Check www.rickthijssen.nl


Do you also think: what a kick-ass logo do they have? Or the whole look and feel is just right with City Spirits? Here's a little story; the girlfriend of Ricardo drove home from Paris to Amsterdam, took Eliana as a bla-bla-passenger with her, became friends and it appeared to be that Eliana is one of the world's best designers. She mixes art with commerce, knows what sells and what not and has an bizarre eye for detail. Need we say more? Check her website: Cargo Collective - Arte Isana!


Via via we found Sean. And what luck we have. He made our animation-video that you can see on our homepage. And Facebook. And Youtube. Of course. Thank you so much Sean for picking up this question and make such a nice and funny video. Sean is an intern on the moment in Rotterdam, for us he is already the best animator in the world, but we are sure more and more people will say so about him :-) Check Sean Magnee