Let’s share our passion for Paris with you!

City Spirits is the ultimate tour guide company in Paris for city travellers.
The explorers, the curious and the creative ones who like to look at things differently.
We are here for the wanderers who like the facts told with a big smile during a tour.
We are here for the walkers who enjoy life to the full.
And we’re here for the globetrotters with a genuine interest for History and those who believe fairy tales.
City Spirits is here for the world citizens that like things that are organized but love to escape into fantasy.
We are the Tour Guides Of The Galaxy. We also do tailor-made tours! For now: Only in Paris.

International, passionate and focussed. We are the newest breed of tour guide. Native speakers of Spanish, German, English and French; we are from the four corners of the globe but we are united by our love of showing Paris to our Costumers.